We will help you find new markets and promote your product or service anywhere on Earth.
For years, we research the market, supporting sales and searching for business partners. We help in overcoming the barriers to entry into foreign markets. Our international team of experienced representatives is always at your disposal.
In our work we are guided by the following values:
●    confidence
●    creativity
●    usability of our solutions.

Our international team of professionals ensures that our reach is global; it also ensures that a dedicated, experienced team is always working to find the best solution for your company, whether it is to gain access to a foreign market, searching for business partners or overcoming the challenges that businesses face every day, our commitment to creativity and innovation delivers the results that are best for you.

Our work takes on many challenges and goes to many places; we are proud to be a diverse, multi-faceted company that offers our clients the best. Our international team of professionals works hard to first and foremost gain your trust so that we can support, encourage and advise you on every facet of international commerce, from entry into global markets to forging new business relationships.

Even in a globalized world creating or expanding a business can be a challenge. Our international team has the experience and vital business expertise (from translation services to complex legal advice and marketing) to help you overcome any challenge across four continents, so that your product or service becomes a global commodity and a recognized brand.

Even in this interconnected world it can still be difficult to find what you are looking for, especially if you are a small business looking to expand or an investor looking for new and exciting ideas. Without the right help it can be difficult to navigate the environment of international commerce. We, at Fidecons, are the ones who flatten the terrain/show you the horizon; we are ones who reveal the possibilities and show you the ease with which you can reach your goals, wherever they may be and wherever they may take you.

Business is for us first of all passion and creativity.
For many years we have been trading and connecting companies eager to meet new opportunities, expand their horizons and explore new markets. We work with small and medium-sized distributors and assist suppliers of both products and services.
The tenacity and hard work allowed us to gain the trust of our customers and developing a network of collaborators in various fields.

Principles of cooperation

We are intermediaries in establishing business relations and help our partners to overcome the barrier to entry on the foreign market. Regardless of what you want to sell, and to whom, we are there at your disposal!

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose Fidecons
What makes us different is our determination and dedication in bringing about your success.
“Facta, non verba” – we believe in actions over words for the good of your company.

01. Effectiveness
After many years of activity on the foreign markets, we have gained experience that has become today our biggest asset. We can define what steps to take to the path that would lead us to follow a particular purpose. We’ll make it happen for you!

02. Overcoming language and cultural barriers
Our team is a group of people which perfectly finds themselves in the intricacies of international cultural and linguistic complexities.
ARS DICENDI   We are constantly developing ourselves by taking part in workshops and training courses, never forgetting that in addition to language skills it is also important in how we communicate.

03. Save time and money
The search for trusted partners with whom you can establish a fruitful relationship requires commitment. We know that time is money! We will conduct a thorough analysis of your business and research markets and offers, so that you can select only the ones that you think are best.

04. Security
We analyze carefully every offer. We eliminate unfair business partners, saving you from disappointments and financial losses. We focus only on those companies that fit the profile of your business and your expectations – so that you are sure that the cooperation will be productive.

05. Coaching
Besides receiving an offer you will also get consistent and formal support from our experienced staff and experts to help your company become better. All our business partners are motivated into action, and invoke their passion, believing that the best results are achievable when doing something with complete confidence.

06. Social responsibility
We are committed to promoting traditional Polish and European values beyond the borders of our country. We integrate Poland, giving it a space for the exchange of business contacts and the flow of creative ideas. We will make sure that the Polish language is a carrier of positive change, which is why we cooperate with the company Libratus which provide free education for children of Poles living abroad.